Danny Zawacki

My name is Danny and I like to write. I believe that there’s beauty in a simply written sentence. I grew up reading the works of Watterson, Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Orson Scott Card.

I’m not the hockey player, Danny Zawacki, but he can be found here if you’re looking for him. I don’t have a fan page, yet. If you’d like to start one for me, feel free to contact me regarding details and all the personal information you’ll need.

I’ve been writing on the web for years now, over at Sassyhacksaws.com. I write about cats and motorcycles and whatever else might be on my mind. My opinions are subject to change on a whim. Things I said years ago, don’t always hold true today. Just try to keep it in mind that my opinions and thoughts have matured and changed along with me.