Danny Zawacki

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Danny Zawacki

My name is Danny and I like things to be simple. I believe that there’s beauty in a simply implemented code. There’s logic in less is more. And there’s clarity in writing things to be read.

I’m a Madison, WI professional with a focus on web platform development. What does that mean? Everyone has an opinion on what a website should be, how it should function and how someone wants to use it. I translate those ideas into the kind of things developers can follow. I coach developers through the process using agile methods. You’ll know what your developers are doing because I’ll know and I’ll be there to translate for you.

Database structure makes me giddy. The ability to retrieve vast amounts of data with a few lines of code ever humbles me. The best part? That data has order and reason which can be deduced with hardly any digging. I love spending my days dreaming up ever-more complex queries to display how all the data in a database relates to itself. Data is the driving force for my decisions. I read data like a seer reads tea leaves, though I believe data is a far better predictor of what’s to come. So when I tell you something with certainty, it is because I have the data to back it up.

In my career, I’ve always impressed my employers with the things I forgot to mention in my interviews. Call me humble, call me stupid for not bringing it up, but I’ll just call myself surprising. I hope you’re pleasantly surprised.

Outside of work my interests include walking, biking, woodworking, and fixing up my home. I live with my wife, our dog, and cat on the Northside of Madison.