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Danny and Marley

My name is Danny Zawacki. I was born in 1987 in Chicago, Illinois but I grew up in southeastern Wisconsin.

I enjoy reading, writing, running, and the Oxford comma. I ride bicycles and motorcycles. I have a cat to inspire me.

I used to program websites, but now I prefer to write.

I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes over and over again. To this day, I only need to look at the pictures to tell you what each strip is about, a fact I learned when I perfectly translated French version to English for my French teacher in high school.

In high school, I decided I wanted to do something bigger with my life and decided the Peace Corps was how I would do that. After graduating with an English degree from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, I headed to Ukraine to begin the greatest professional decision of my life. In Ukraine, I taught English to 7-11 grade students and worked with the students and my colleagues for all of us to better understand each other’s culture. I was greatly humbled.

My professional goals are to become involved with the publishing industry in some manner. I would love to be a professional editor or to be an agent and to work together with writers to create the best possible story for publication. Additionally, I would not mind seeing one of my writing projects in print.

If you’d like to learn more about Danny Zawacki, please feel free to check out my writing at Sassyhacksaws.com or look through the other places I am around the web. If you have questions you would like answered, head over to my contact page.